Quality Over-Read Services

The increase in radiology volumes over the last few decades correspondingly increases the risk of radiologic error.  It also leads to increased time and related cost spent in addressing the consequences of such errors (in the form of addenda, callbacks and in the worst case scenario negative patient outcome and potential litigation).

The pressure is greater than ever on radiologists, particularly those who still have to report with the same quality even in the emergency setting.  In this scenario, Quality Over Read plays a vital role in the management and review of radiologist report quality.

What are Quality Over Read Services?

Quality Over Read is a peer review of the reports of a radiologist or radiologist group while simultaneously reviewing the examinations to assess the quality and in turn, ensure compliance with the standard of patient care.  A QA Over Read can  serve as an analysis of radiologist performance.  This can benefit both onsite radiology groups as well as teleradiology practices.

“The Advantage When You Work With Teleradiology Solutions (TRS)”

Teleradiology Solutions is a Joint Commission accredited ambulatory care healthcare organization. Joint Commission Standards deal with organizational quality of care issues and the safety of the environment in which care is provided. We are committed to delivering safe, high-quality care in compliance with nationally established Joint Commission standards.

We have a team of experienced radiologists who are American Board Certified and Fellowship trained. While TRS provides the latest advances in remote radiology, we also value the human aspect of what we do. We understand your commitment to ensuring that your patients receive optimal care at all times with no exception. As a radiologist-led organization, we are also familiar with the sensitivities involved in providing feedback to high-performance radiologists.

Quality Assurance Over-Read Services will seamlessly support you with the workflow to offer the most excellent comprehensive solutions and support with our proprietary platform called RADSpa which has Multi-read Workflow management for prelim and final reads. It also has in-built QA and peer review modules which facilitate quality assessment as per ACR grades.

Fee for Service Model:

We have a Fee for Service Model where we bill only for those studies specifically forwarded to us by the client for peer review. This gives control to the client and makes our services affordable with absolutely no hidden costs.

High-end Security:

We are HIPAA compliant and ensure that procedures are in place to protect data security and patient health information.

ACR Scoring:

Teleradiology Solutions provides Over-Read/Second Opinion Services wherein our Radiologist group performs retrospective reviews on Radiologists reports as per the client’s request and grades them based on the American College of Radiology Peer Review Scoring System.

“Benefits of an Over-Read service include”

The benefits of an over-read service include:

a) Regular feedback to radiologists of their quality, ensuring that they are made aware of any potential issues (in a sensitive and professional manner)

b) Identification of focus areas of weakness on which training can be directed

c) Quality audit for hospital management to assess and determine compliance with standard of care

d) Risk management evaluation from a perspective of potential impact of error, using radiologic quality metrics

e) Performance Improvement which is the essence of Joint Commission practice, is achieved by coupling the quality analysis with corresponding training modules.

The over-read services we provide at TRS are an extension of our own thorough and comprehensive quality assurance program, painstakingly developed and refined over the last decade and a half, using the ACR peer review protocols as its bedrock. Detailed audit reports with statistical analyses, reviews and recommendations for improvement including graphical representations, are provided.